What is Every 1 Counts?

Every 1 Counts is the College’s commitment to helping each other reach our fullest potential. It’s a reminder that every person and every interaction matters. We take and see actions taken every day, whether large or small, that can make a difference in people’s lives. We want to recognize and further the culture that we are creating by remembering that Every 1 Counts.

Every 1 Counts in Action

As a very different Fall semester nears the end, we wanted to share some of the feedback we received from our students about their experiences this semester. We invite you to read first-hand how our faculty and staff are making a difference in students’ lives.

Hear From Our Students

“It is because of (my professors) that I am gaining the skills I need to accomplish my goals and make my dreams come true. I cannot possibly repay that — even under the most normal circumstances. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”

“Being completely online has taken away that person-to-person connection, but I still feel connected to all my teachers this semester because they have been so present and concerned with my well-being!”

“My professor has been the thing I look forward to twice a week to keep me grounded in our current climate.”

“My professor has been responsive, kind, understanding and made learning via Zoom fun and interesting. I cannot sing her praises loud enough!”

“I would like to share my gratitude for all of the instructors in the Midcoast nursing program….who made an incredibly challenging semester not only bearable, but enjoyable and exciting.”

“My professor’s class was not only motivational, but he made the transition to online easy and just as informative and helpful. I am so thankful I took his course!”

“Thank you to my professor for the passion they put into this course. It’s been an incredible journey this semester, one I looked forward to being immersed in each week.”

“Despite these difficult times, my instructor retained his good humor and brought laughter to his students. I am also grateful for his kind instruction and guidance on what is a difficult subject for me.”

“Each week my professor checked in with us and always let us know to ask for help if we needed it, and he’d always take the time to help when we asked for it. He’s been especially helpful towards the end of the semester, reminding us to register for next semester.”

“It has been a transition for all of us but my professor has, as usual, gone out of her way to make sure myself and all other students are understanding the material. If we are struggling in any way, she has made herself available for after-hour Zoom meetings around our schedules.”

“I’m so incredibly impressed by Southern Maine Community College and how they care for their students. I’m so glad I chose it! Thank you!”

“I want my professor to know that his class and his messages helped me get through this semester, so please tell him that I thoroughly enjoyed his class and wish him and his family all the best. It’s teachers like him that make students feel supported!”

“As a student, it is important to have a professor that is approachable, kind, and helpful, and she is nothing short of all of those things. Above all, she treats us as human beings, and understands that we have work, lives, struggles, and does all she can to help us through it.”

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