An Education at SMCC Means Little or No Student Debt

SMCC offers among the lowest tuition and fees in New England, at only $3,820 per year (in-state). This means you can earn your degree at SMCC and walk away with little or no student debt. Whether you choose to continue your education after saving thousands at SMCC or enter the workforce and earn 73% more within 9 months of graduation, you’ll be a step ahead of the rest. Better yet, over a lifetime, college grads earn over $1 million more. Start smart and finish strong at SMCC.

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Estimated College Expenses

2019-2020In-State* Out-of-State
Tuition (full-time)$2,820$5,640
Credit Hour$94$188
Room & Meal Plan$9,488$9,488
Average Fees$1,000 $1,000

*Tuition for in-state students is $94 per credit hour. Most courses are 3 credits or $282. A full-time student taking 15 credits each semester can expect to pay tuition of approximately $2,820. For full-time, out-of-state students who do not qualify for the tuition breaks and programs, tuition will be approximately $5,640.

Tuition Calculator

To get an estimate of your individual costs based on the number of credits you will take, what type of tuition you will pay (in-state, out-of-state, or New England Regional) and whether or not you will be living on Campus, visit our Tuition Calculator webpage.

General Fees

Fee TypeCost
Academic Services Fee$1.00 per credit hour
Comprehensive Fee$9.40 per credit hour
Course Fee$9.40 per credit hour
Document Processing Fee
$3.00 per credit hour
Information Access Fee$2.50 per credit hour
Lab/Tech Fee$18.80 per credit hour
Parking & Transportation Fee$40.00 (each, Fall & Spring)
$15.00 (Summer)
Student Activity Fee$25.00
Accident Insurance$16 per year

Please note students taking only online courses will not be charged the Parking & Transportation fee.

Special Fees

Fee TypeCost
Liability Insurance$15-$61
Payment Plan Fee $40 per semester
Banking Fees$30 for a returned payment (insufficient funds)
Banking Fees$30 for a stop payment
Testing Fees
Nursing Test Fee$162.50 per semester
American Heart Association Fees$25-$100
EMS Test Fee$25-$125
Paramedic Test Fee$250
Sports Coaching Fee$35
Materials Fee$250
Composites Test Fee$140

Please note these fees do not apply to all students but may apply to students participating in certain programs or activities.

Want to learn more about what these mean? Download the Explanation Fees and Other Charges.

Room & Meal Plan

South Portland Campus ( Fall & Spring)

Fee TypePer SemesterPer Year
Housing (all room types)$2,875$5,750
Meal Plan (required for South Portland resident students)$1,725$3,450
Cable & Internet$144$288
Estimated Total$4,744$9,488

South Portland Campus ( Summer)

Fee TypeSummer
Housing (all room types)$2,156.00
Cable & Internet$108.00
Estimated Total$2,264

Midcoast Campus in Brunswick ( Fall & Spring)

Fee TypePer SemesterPer Year
Housing – Double Room$2,875$5,750
Housing – Single Room$3,375$6,750
Cable & Internet$144$288
Estimated Total$3,019–$3,519$6,038–$6,308

Midcoast Campus in Brunswick ( Summer)

Fee TypeSummer
Housing – Double Room$2,062
Housing – Single Room$2,437
Cable & Internet$108
Estimated Total$2,170–$2,545

Please note, Midcoast Campus residents and students have access to food and beverages that can be purchased by cash, credit card or Beacon Bucks at the Landing Café. Midcoast Campus residents taking classes at our South Portland Campus can also purchase a commuter dining plan to use at dining facilities on the South Portland Campus.

To learn more about dining options, visit our Dining webpage.

Paying Your Bill

SMCC strives to make paying your bill as easy as possible. That’s why we offer payment plans, online bill payment and multiple other forms of payment including cash, checks and credit/debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover).

Payment Plans

SMCC offers online payment plans. If you’re interested in enrolling in a payment plan, be sure to connect with the Billing Office or visit My Money on My Maine Guide on the online student portal once you’ve enrolled.

Refund Policies

It’s important to be aware of our refund policies before enrolling in credit or non-credit (Continuing Studies) courses at SMCC. Download our Refund Policies handout for more information.

Additional Financial Resources

SMCC is committed to providing you an affordable education. Be sure to explore these financial resources that may help cover your college expenses.