Bon Appetit

SMCC offers public culinary arts luncheons throughout the academic year in our Culinary Arts Dining Room on our South Portland Campus. The Culinary Arts Dining Room serves as an upscale epicurean “lab” for the College’s Culinary Arts department and offers a spectacular view of Casco Bay. Here, you will enjoy a gourmet dining experience while our talented culinary arts students learn the fine art of running a full-service restaurant.

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During the academic year, lunch is served on most Fridays at noon. Depending on our class schedule, we will have an occasional Thursday lunch service.

Meal Types Offered

Four-course a la carte meals will be offered some days, and buffet lunches on other days. Each a la carte meal will feature a different regional cuisine from around the world, including Mediterranean, Italian, French, Asian, Latin American and American regional.

Sample Menu

Below is a sample menu for Mediterranean cuisine.


Stuffed Grape Leaves & Spanikopita


White Bean Soup with Kale


Grilled Hallouimi Cheese (Saganaki), House Smoked Asparagus and Frisee


Eggplant Moussaka
Grilled Lamb Skewers (Souvlaki) with Feta and Mint
Spaghetti with Manilla Clams
Roasted Sea Bass with Cherry Tomatoes
Falafel Plate — Hummus, Baba Ganoosh and Tahini Sauce

Entrees are accompanied by bulgur and freekah pilaf and braised fennel.

Pricing & Reservations

Meals are $15 per person with a suggested gratuity of $3.

Cash and checks are accepted. We cannot accept credit or debit cards.

Reservations are required. Please call 207-741-5612 to make your reservation. Reservation calls will be taken on Thursday and Friday from 10–11 a.m.