Working Towards Student Success

SMCC recently developed a five-year strategic plan through a comprehensive and inclusive process centered around the College’s mission and values with a special focus on student success. This plan is comprised of four major strategic goals supported by strategic objectives and measures. To learn more about our strategic plan, browse the information below or download a full copy of the SMCC Strategic Plan.

On this page:


SMCC transforms lives and communities through education and training. We welcome, prepare and inspire all to learn, succeed and lead.



We empower all to explore, experience and become lifelong learners.


We respect others, honor diverse viewpoints and challenge each other to do the right thing.


We are inclusive and come together to openly communicate, participate and collaborate.


We can all be leaders, innovators and stewards of the future.


We pursue excellence as we seek to achieve our goals.



SMCC prepares individuals and communities to achieve their goals.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Connect early and often with aspiring and incoming students to prepare them for college and career success.
  2. Structure effective early experiences for every student that establish clear college and career goals and defined pathways to success.
  3. Invest in employee learning, skills, and success through professional development.
  4. Host ongoing, open and transparent strategic planning conversations and evaluations to prepare the full community to actively participate in the strategic plan.


SMCC engages and transforms individuals and communities by providing support where and when it is needed.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Attract students and employees with diverse experiences and backgrounds and engage the full college community in all aspects of the student experience.
  2. Reform and refine experiences, environments, and services to actively engage all community members and pro-actively support student success.
  3. Ensure all academic and training offerings are interactive, engaging and relevant to students’ educational and career goals.
  4. Increase employee satisfaction and recognition by rewarding leadership, developing flexible work environments, and strengthening shared governance.


SMCC’s culture promotes and inspires leadership among all individuals and communities.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Take a student-centered approach in all processes and interactions.
  2. Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness of all academic and administrative operations through systematic assessment.
  3. Provide learning experiences that are relevant, rigorous, in demand and meet the needs of employers and partner institutions.
  4. Promote leadership and initiative at all levels within every individual at the college.


SMCC drives the success of communities and individuals through a focus on student success.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Ensure SMCC students graduate and/or transfer, fully prepared for lifelong success.
  2. Manage enrollments to meet the needs of our community and fulfill the mission of the College.
  3. Grow and manage resources to sustainably support this plan.
  4. Recognize, support and expand the network of alumni, donors, advocates and partner organizations.

Strategic Measures

The number and/or percentage of:

  1. Enrollment and registration
  2. College readiness
  3. Course completion
  4. Fall-to-Fall persistence: first-time, degree-seeking
  5. Academic progress: earning 30 credits per year
  6. Graduation, transfer, and completion rates: first-time degree-seeking
  7. Completion outcomes and employment
  8. Student, employer, and employee satisfaction

Priorities 2018

  1. Innovate and implement quality academic and workforce programs for students to achieve their goals, and employers to drive economic development.
  2. Optimize student success, enrollment, and marketing to achieve sustained growth.
  3. Ensure sufficient and sustainable resources to achieve our mission.
  4. Champion a college climate of continuous improvement that embodies our values by creating a connected, healthy community.

For detailed information, download and view Southern Maine Community College Priorities 2018.

Maine Community College Strategic Plan

The mission of the Maine Community College System (MCCS) is to create an educated, skilled and adaptable labor force that is responsive to the changing needs of the Maine economy. The state’s seven community colleges are uniquely positioned to accomplish this work through their mix of occupational and transfer programs, statewide reach, affordable tuition, and strong partnerships with business and industry. For more information, download the full MCCS Strategic Plan.