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Interested in earning a four-year degree for less? Start at SMCC where you can earn a two-year degree while saving thousands of dollars. Then choose the four-year college or university you want to attend and we’ll help you get there.

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Seamless Transfer Options

Seamless transfer options into numerous degree programs at well-known colleges & universities. This is made possible with Transfer Articulation Agreements. Transfer agreements are partnerships between SMCC and various four-year institutions that provide an outline of the courses that will transfer toward a specific bachelor’s degree at those colleges and universities.

Transfer Agreement Search

We’ve made it easy to see which colleges have transfer agreements with SMCC and what programs transfer. To explore all the great options available to you, visit our Transfer Agreement Search webpage.

Connected Pathways

SMCC and USM have a partnership for success called ConnectEd Pathways. This innovative partnership provides students from selected programs a smooth and simple transfer path to compatible programs at USM upon completion of their associate degree.

Who qualifies for ConnectEd Pathways?

Students who are accepted and graduate from specific programs at SMCC will be assured of streamlined admissions to corresponding programs at USM.

Download more information about ConnectEd Pathways and the list of qualifying degree programs.

How does ConnectEd Pathways work?

All students who are accepted into a program that is qualified for ConnectEd Pathways will be notified by SMCC about the program, including the requirements. If a student wants to apply to ConnectEd Pathways, he or she will need to do so by the end of the first semester at SMCC.
Both SMCC and USM will offer advising and support services to prepare these students for their transfer to USM. As an added bonus, USM will waive any application fees for students transferring from SMCC to USM.

What are the benefits of ConnectEd Pathways?

  • SMCC students are able to transfer seamlessly to select USM programs that prepare them for successful careers in high-demand and emerging industries.
  • Qualifying SMCC students do not need to go through an additional application process at USM.
  • SMCC students will not have to take unnecessary credits, saving them time and money.
  • SMCC students receive guidance from a designated USM employee who will guide them through the process to achieving their bachelor’s degree.

University of Maine Farmington’s Off-Campus Program

Now you can earn a bachelor’s degree from University of Maine Farmington (UMF) in Early Childhood Education at SMCC’s South Portland Campus.

UMF and SMCC have partnered to make earning a bachelor’s degree easier than ever. Whether you’re a working professional looking for a more flexible schedule or are simply looking to continue your education closer to home, UMF’s Off-Campus Program is a great way to earn your bachelor’s degree when and where it works for you. This program is also a fantastic opportunity for those who want to get started by earning their associate degree at SMCC in Early Childhood Education and/or Education and continue on to earn bachelor’s degree from UMF on the same campus. If you have earned an associate degree or equivalent at other institutions you may also be eligible to enroll.

What are the benefits of UMF’s Off-Campus Program:

  • Offered at SMCC’s South Portland Campus, a convenient location for those who live and/or work in Southern Maine.
  • Designed to work with your busy schedule with hybrid courses (off-site and online) offered weekday evenings or weekends.
  • Courses delivered by UMF professors.
  • An on-site UMF Advisor to help guide you to reaching your goals.
  • Access to both SMCC and UMF resources.
  • General education courses available at SMCC’s low tuition rate, only $92 per credit hour.

Available Bachelor’s Degree Tracks

  • Non-Certificate Track – Birth-5 years
  • Certification Track – Birth-5 years
  • Certification Track – K-3rd grade

For More Information and to Apply

Visit the UMF website and follow the steps to apply, or contact Julia Jeremias at 207-778-7274 or

Additional Transfer Opportunities

While some students choose to attend SMCC, graduate and transfer using a transfer articulation agreement, others simply choose to take a few classes that can easily transfer somewhere else. SMCC students have transferred credits and completed their four-year degrees at over 50 leading institutions.

Download a list of Where SMCC Students Have Transferred To.

University of Maine System Transfer Equivalencies

Are you interested in seeing how courses you can take at SMCC will transfer to various Colleges in the University of Maine system? If so, visit the University of Maine System’s Transfer Equivalency webpage.

Transfer Counseling

Meet with a Transfer Counselor to:

  • Determine what major you should enroll in to best align your transfer to a four-year institution upon graduation.
  • Explore four-year institutions that SMCC has transfer partnerships with and identify additional transfer institutions that may be of interest.
  • Plan the steps you need to take to transfer easily to a four-year institution.
  • Prepare for recruitment opportunities during on-campus visits from four-year colleges and universities.

Please note: If you’ve already determined where you want to transfer upon graduation, you’ll want to meet with someone from that college or university to ensure you’ve selected the right courses.