Connect With Our Talented Students & Graduates

At SMCC, we strive to connect our talented pool of students with employers through internship and job opportunities. Here, you can learn about the types of internships offered through the College as well as how to post available job and internship opportunities.

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Types of Internships

For-Credit Internships

Students in specific academic programs at the College may be required, or have the option, to enroll in an internship. These internships are designed to provide students hands-on experience in their field while earning credits toward their certificate or degree. Whether an internship is paid or unpaid depends on the specific program and opportunity.

Want to know if the internship your company or organization is offering qualifies for a for-credit internship in a particular academic department? Download a list of our For-Credit Internship Opportunities.

Noncredit Internships

While for-credit internships may not be available for all academic programs, we highly encourage students to explore noncredit internship opportunities. Students can meet with Career Services to help identify and apply for noncredit internship opportunities. Both paid and unpaid opportunities are possible.

List an Internship or Job

If you are an employer looking for skilled workers, our College Central Network website can help you too. By posting an opening on the job board, you have the potential to reach thousands of highly trained, hard-working students, alumni and community members.

To set up an account, please visit the College Central Network website, select “Employers” and follow the instructions on the page.