Study-abroad classes to reboot in 2022

SMCC’s Global Studies Center is offering two courses next spring that include travel to Spain and the Netherlands.

For the 2022 Spring Semester, students have two courses to choose from that allow them to study, travel and gain international experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Healthcare Systems
Travel: March 2022 (spring break)
Instructors: Norma Willis, Katharine Roy-Gosselin

In this course, students will explore the realms of global healthcare. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the fields of study within the science of public health both nationally and internationally.   

Barcelona, Spain

Culinary and Hospitality Management
Travel: May 2022 (after commencement)
Instructors: Maureen LaSalle (Hospitality Management), Tony Poulin (Culinary Arts)

Students will learn how Barcelona ― one of the world’s top travel destinations ― has capitalized on its role as a leader in art, architecture, fashion, sports, and gastronomy to sustainably manage over 32 million visitors a year. This 3-credit Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management course will fulfill the Global Diversity general elective requirement.

The 2022 courses will mark the return of study-abroad classes, which were put on hold in the spring of 2020 and 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, please email the Global Studies Center at or visit the Global Studies Center webpage.