Broaden Your Horizons through Global Studies at SMCC

The Global Studies Center at SMCC seeks to internationalize the college through the development of new curriculum, the support of international students and events, and education abroad programming. We collaborate with a variety of entities on campus to prepare students for a globalized future.

What opportunities does the Global Studies Center offer you?

Study Abroad/Global Classroom

Global Classroom courses are credit-bearing, semester-long classes with a short-term field experience, usually an international travel experience, that are offered in a variety of different academic subject areas. To find out what courses are currently offered, contact the Global Studies Center.

Travel to Havanna, Cuba This March

SMCC is offering the opportunity to travel to Havana Cuba this March through its Nature, Culture, and Photography class. This hybrid course (online and in Cuba) explores the rich biodiversity and vibrant culture of the Caribbean island of Cuba through the lens of arts & science. Students will connect to various interdisciplinary aspects of Cuba, creating a visual research project.

For more information and a Global Studies Application, download the Cuba: Nature, Culture & Photography Info Packet.

Travel to Barcelona, Spain This May

SMCC is offering the opportunity to travel to Spain in May 2020 with the course: Barcelona: A Culinary and Hospitality Adventure. Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, is one of the top destinations in the world. Students will learn how this city has capitalized on its role as a leader in art, architecture, fashion, sports, and gastronomy to sustainably manage over 32 million visitors a year. Cost is $3,200, including airfare. Deadline to enroll is January 27, 2020.

For more information and a Global Studies Application, download the Barcelona: A Culinary and Hospitality Adventure Info Packet

George Mitchell Peace Exchange Program

The George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship provides opportunities for students from the Maine Community College System (MCCS) to study at the Cork Institute of Technology for a semester or a year. To learn more, visit the MCCS website.

New Brunswick Exchange

Programs of study at New Brunswick’s 11 community colleges are open to Maine residents on a space-available basis and at roughly the same price they would pay at a Maine community college. To learn more, visit the MCCS website.

Programs Offered Outside of SMCC

The Global Studies Center can also assist you in researching international opportunities through other educational institutions or third-party providers. These links are offered for informational purposes and are not affiliated with SMCC, but Global Studies Center staff can offer additional one-on-one advising and information.