Campus Connections, In the Spotlight, February 23

Student spotlight:

Nathaniel Wiggin, bright future ahead


Nathaniel Wiggin decided he wanted to become a computer programmer after taking a programming class in the tenth grade. Now he’s at SMCC to make his ambitions come true.

Nathaniel, a first-year student from New Hampshire, was drawn to SMCC by the Computer Science program and the value he is receiving for his education. When he’s not in class, he works for the IT Help Desk as a work-study student.

He eventually wants to become a computer programmer. The job placement rate, he says, is pretty close to 100 percent.

“After I graduate, I’m thinking I’ll test the waters in the workforce. And I’ll possibly look at transferring to a four-year university.”


Faculty spotlight:

John Bolduc, passionate about teachingJohn-Bolduc-optimized

John Bolduc is known for his wide-eyed enthusiasm for all things machining – and teaching. He came to SMCC 12 years ago and is chairman of the Integrated Manufacturing Technology program.

John has seen machining technology change dramatically over the years and is especially proud of the more than two dozen state-of-the-art precision machine tools that SMCC procured for his program before the Fall Semester.

Passionate about teaching and making a difference in students’ lives, he keeps a document in his office that outlines his philosophy about education.

“Education must be challenging to keep the mind stimulated,” the document reads. “My goal is to have students set goals at a level higher than they ever dreamed possible.”