Concurrent Enrollment

  • Offers tuition-free college courses at the high school or Career Technical Education (CTE) center you are attending during your regular school day.
  • Taught by instructors at your high school or CTE center that have been vetted as SMCC adjuncts.
  • Earn you credits (with successful course completion) that can be applied towards a degree or certificate at SMCC.

To qualify for Concurrent Enrollment you need to:

  • Be a high school junior or senior.
  • Have approval from your high school and parent/guardian (regardless of minor status) to participate.
  • Meet course prerequisites (preferred placement is via test scores)

Qualifying Concurrent Enrollment Test Scores for Entry Level Courses

Many courses have test score pre-requisites. To view these requirements download a list of Test Scores and Prerequisites for SMCC Concurrent Enrollment.

The College Math Accuplacer test may be required for certain higher-level math courses (Pre-calculus, Calculus I). To learn more about taking the Accuplacer, visit our Placement Testing webpage.

If you do not have qualifying SAT, PSAT or ACT scores, you may still be able to take a Concurrent Enrollment course. Your Guidance Counselor may submit a high school recommendation and transcript showing a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 and/or mastery in relevant high school courses. Please download the Request for Dual Enrollment Test Score Waiver. Have your Guidance counselor fill out this form, both of you will sign, and then submit it with other enrollment materials.

Available Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Concurrent Enrollment Semester Dates

SemesterStart date Registration/Test Scores due by End Date
Fall 1810/1/20186/8/18 for high schools

9/21/2018 for CTEs
Full-year 18-1910/1/20186/8/18 for high schools

9/21/2018 for CTEs
Spring 191/28/20191/7/20195/28/2019

Course Success/Future Eligibility

Students who do not successfully complete a dual enrollment course (whether through this or any other SMCC dual enrollment program) cannot repeat that college course while in high school nor register for any additional dual enrollment courses. SMCC defines success as a passing grade in the course. We will consider course withdrawal consequences on a case-by-case basis.

Please also note that successful completion of a dual enrollment course does not guarantee future acceptance to SMCC. An applicant will need to comply with SMCC’s current admissions requirements.

Register for Concurrent Enrollment Courses

The school will send registration forms to:
Southern Maine Community College
Admissions Office
2 Fort Road, South Portland, ME 04106
Attn: Molly Caso