Top Stories: May 13 Campus Connections

Global Studies Center to offer classes with travel to Cuba, Spain

The Global Studies Center at SMCC will offer Global Classroom classes in the spring of 2020, in partnership with CIEE, that include short-term travel to Cuba and Spain.

Global Classroom classes are semester-long online classes that include international travel for a study-abroad experience. They allow you to earn credit as you study, travel and gain international skills.

Class: Nature, Culture & Photography
Travel to: Havana, Cuba, in March 2020
Instructors: Christian Farnsworth (Photography), Christopher Hoffman (Biological Science)

Explore the rich biodiversity and vibrant culture of the Caribbean island of Cuba through the lens of arts and science. Students will connect to various interdisciplinary aspects of Cuba, creating a visual research project. This 3-credit Fine Arts course will fulfill the Arts & Humanities, Global Diversity, or Ethical Reasoning general elective requirement.

Cost: approximately $3200, including airfare

Class: Culinary & Hospitality Management
Travel to: Barcelona, Spain, in May 2020
Instructors: Maureen LaSalle (Hospitality Management), Anthony Poulin (Culinary Arts)

Barcelona, the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, is one of the top destinations in the world. Students will learn how this city has capitalized on its role as a leader in art, architecture, fashion, sports, and gastronomy to sustainably manage over 32 million visitors a year. This 3-credit Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management course will fulfill the Global Diversity general elective requirement.

Cost: approximately $3200, including airfare

For more information, contact the Global Studies Center at or 207-741-5954.