Top Stories: January 29 Campus Connections

Students learn about involvement opportunities

Scores of students took part in the Student Involvement Fair to learn more about the wide range of student clubs and organizations at SMCC.

The Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CeCIL) hosted the Involvement Fair on Jan. 25 in the Campus Center.

Among the organizations present were the Multicultural & International Student Club, the Veterans Club, the Captain’s Cupboard, The Beacon student newspaper, the Health & Wellness Club, the SMCC chapter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Student Senate and the Activities Committee.

Dorcas Ngaliema, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center group, said it’s important for students to take part in activities outside of the classroom to enjoy a full college experience.

Getting involved helps students build connections, develop lifelong friends and mentors, and grow personally. Students who are engaged in campus life are also more likely to succeed academically.

“Since I came to SMCC, I’ve always tried to find ways to become involved,” Ngaliema said.

Precision Machining students hit the road

Precision machining students got a first-hand look at machine shops to get a better understanding of what their future workplaces may look like.

Precision Machining Chair John Bolduc led a group of about 20 students and faculty on tours of Mega Industries and Helical Solutions on Jan. 18. The companies have manufacturing facilities located side-by-side in Gorham.

Taking field trips to manufacturing plants opens students’ eyes to the career opportunities in their field, Bolduc said. Several SMCC Precision Machining graduates were working at the plants, further impressing upon current students how many jobs are available.

“These trips bring their understanding of why they’re in school to a whole new level,” Bolduc said. “Many have never seen the inside of a machine shop, so they get to see first-hand ‘this is why I’m in school.’”

Helical Solutions makes high-performance cutting tools, while Mega Industries manufactures microwave transmission equipment.