Students present capstone projects for online Thinking Matters

SMCC student Ben Clifford was among nine SMCC students who presented research at the Thinking Matters symposium.

Nine SMCC students shared their capstone research projects online at the annual Thinking Matters research symposium.

The conference is usually held at the University of Southern, but presentations from SMCC and USM students this year were uploaded onto the USM Digital Commons because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The research posters showcased high-quality student-faculty research collaborations from students in Daniel Moore’s genetics class, with subjects ranging from malaria to termites to eye disease.

SMCC students who took part in Thinking Matters were:

  • Alexandra Davis ― Detecting Microsatellite Instabilities to Diagnose Lynch Syndrome in Colorectal Cancer Patients
  • Zachary Loiser ― Genetic Variation in Eusocial Insects
  • Micah Smith ― Biosynthesis of Cannabinoids in S. cerevisiae
  • Merveidi Bayingana ― CAS9-mediated Gene Drive Might Be the Best Way to Eradicate Malaria Worldwide
  • Mahdi Farah ― Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia has an Unusual Inheritance Pattern Depending on the Gene Involved
  • Linda Line ― Combatting Antibacterial Resistance With Phage Therapy
  • Ben Clifford ― How CRISPR Prime Edited Gene Drives Could Lead to a Genetic Revolution
  • Amira Djama ― The Risk of Developing Type 1 Diabetes is Increased by Certain Variants of the HLA Genes
  • Alia Bradley ― Transgenerational Inheritance of Trauma Through Epigenetic Mechanisms

The complete descriptions and the posters of all students are available on the Thinking Matters webpage.