Student Spotlight: Meet Cedric Fredrickson

Education was a low priority in Cedric Fredrickson’s home when he was growing up. Now he’s preparing to graduate with a Business degree, a near-perfect GPA and a goal of becoming a CPA.

Growing up in Bangor, Fredrickson was raised by a mother who discouraged him from going to school. But inside, he had a passion for learning and craved an education. He ended up attending school for the first time in seventh grade, and he entered the foster care system at age 13.

After graduating high school in Brewer in 2012, he attended the University of Maine for three years, studying nursing and psychology. But his education was put on hold after his mother died and he had to tend to family obligations.

Over the next couple of years, Fredrickson worked multiple jobs in Bar Harbor during the tourist season while living with friends in the off season. In time, he decided he needed a plan to lay the foundation for a bright future.

So he moved to Portland, worked in restaurants and saved his money before enrolling at SMCC in the fall of 2019. Besides succeeding academically, he serves as treasurer of the Business Club, as president of the Rainbow Club, as a delegate on the Student Senate and as a member of the Students for Democratic Socialism club.

After he graduates this spring, he plans to work for an accounting or financial firm for experience while saving his money so he can continue his education debt-free and eventually become a CPA.

SMCC has allowed Fredrickson to tap into his thirst for learning — whether it be for accounting, music, economics or other classes he’s taken. He’s also been taking an online course through the University of Minnesota to learn Ojibwe, the native language of his late father, who was a member of the Ojibwe (Chippewa) Indian tribe.

“Learning is an active process, and I don’t think I’ll ever hit an apex. Learning is a constant pursuit for me.”