In the Spotlight: September 11 Campus Connections

Student Spotlight
Troy Hudson, future in publishing

Troy Hudson wasn’t sure what to expect when he arrived at SMCC. What he found was an education that gives him diverse skills for a bright future.

Troy grew up in South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina for three years before dropping out because he lost motivation and didn’t see the application of what he was learning.

After getting married and moving to Maine in 2013, he decided to enroll in SMCC’s Communications & New Media Studies program, where he’s focusing on graphic design.

He’s also the production manager of The Beacon student newspaper, overseeing layout and design, assignments and work flow as well as advertising, promotion and other aspects of the paper.

In addition, he’s gaining hands-on marketing experience as an intern with Sodexo Dining Services.

Between his courses in graphic design and video production, and his experience with The Beacon and Sodexo, he says he has the foundation for a future in publishing, marketing or some related field. His dream job would be to work for a magazine.

“Right away, SMCC felt like it was the perfect place for somebody with my talents and interests. It was surprising to me that SMCC could offer the top-level instruction it does.”

Faculty Spotlight,
Brian Tarbox, marine science

Science Professor Brian Tarbox knows the ocean. Before coming to SMCC to teach Marine Science, he worked in the aquaculture industry, as a commercial fisherman and as a commercial and scientific diver.

Tarbox puts a premium on hands-on learning, with students getting out of the classroom and spending time on the Marine Science boat, in the wet lab, in the molecular lab and in the field.

Tarbox graduated from SMCC in 1971 with a degree in Applied Marine Biology and Oceanography. He later earned a bachelor’s degree from Nasson College and a master’s from the University of Maine at Orono.

His current research interests include lobster shell disease and the ecology of marine bacteriophage.

“I like the variety of students we get at SMCC. We get students straight out of high school to some who have bachelor’s degrees.”