In the Spotlight: May 1 Campus Connections

Faculty Spotlight
Chantal Lambeth, multi-talented

Besides teaching baking in the Culinary Arts program, Chantal Lambeth is a professional food stylist and recipe developer.

She began teaching a basic baking course at SMCC last fall, but has been styling food and developing recipes for the past dozen or so years.

As a food stylist, she prepares food for photography, making it look as good as it can possibly appear. As a recipe developer, she creates recipes from scratch. Her clients include food companies, magazines, cookbook publishers and ad agencies.

Lambeth has had a passion for food since she was young. She has a culinary arts degree from Johnson & Wales University and a degree in international business-sustainable agriculture from Auburn University.

“I really love getting students excited about baking. I enjoy interacting with them and showing them it’s not as daunting as it might seem.”

Alumni Spotlight
Robert Haskell, artistic diversity

Robert Haskell’s sculptures can be found in art galleries as far away as California. His T-shirts are sometimes worn by a character on the TV series, “The Outsiders.”

Haskell graduated from SMCC in 2011 with a degree in Liberal Studies with a focus in Fine Arts. After later earning a BFA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he opened an art studio and business in his hometown of Bar Harbor.

A sculptor first, Haskell’s sculptures can be found in galleries in Maine, the Northeast and even in Oakland, Calif. But he’s also in the business of selling crafts and T-shirts and bags with his drawings on them. (To see his work, visit or

In three recent episodes of “The Outsiders,” one the characters wears three different T-shirts Haskell made — one says “I like lichen,” one says “Acadia National Park” and one shows a singing minstrel.

Haskell says SMCC not only helped him explore his artistic interests, but it also taught him vital professional skills such as small business management.

“The career preparation that we did as part of the art program was really helpful. When I got my bachelor’s degree, there wasn’t a whole lot of emphasis on how you’re going to make a living, but they taught us that at SMCC.”