SMCC’s CNMS program presents the 14th annual Maine Mayhem Student Film Festival

Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) is delighted to present the 14th annual Maine Mayhem Film Festival. Fourteen years ago, Communications & New Media Studies (CNMS) Professor Corey Norman and student Jimmy Crocco created a festival to showcase the outstanding work of CNMS students at SMCC.Maine mayhem Insta

Students get the unique, real-world experience of handling the creation of the films, as well as running the festival and event promotion, all part of a year-end capstone project. “While many schools provide the opportunity to create videos, SMCC provides the unique opportunity for students to showcase their films outside of the classroom and to a larger audience. This provides more all-inclusive experience that can help them advance in their chosen career paths,” CNMS Professor Corey Norman said. “The CNMS Maine Mayhem Student Film Festival offers an educational opportunity for filmmakers in New England that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

The festival also affords students the opportunity to showcase their talent and hard work to the public. Over the years, Mayhem alumni have gone on to work for Academy Award-winning films like CODA and Knives Out, reality television programming like Deadliest Catch, North Woods Law, and Naked and Afraid, and have used their Mayhem films to get into prestigious film programs at USC, Emerson, and SCAD.

This year’s festival promises to be exciting. Mayhem returns to multiple locations this year: Nickelodeon in Portland and the Bangor Art Exchange.

May 9 – Nickelodeon Cinema (Portland) 6 p.m. (SOLD OUT) & 8:45 p.m. – BUY TICKETS

May 11 – Bangor Art Exchange (Bangor) 2 p.m. – BUY TICKETS

This year’s Mayhem will begin with several short animations before moving on to the main event; eight short films framed by an interstitial story. This year’s films are: Were-man, My Dog Died, No Accounting for Taste, The Memory Keeper, Served!, Where the Heart Is, Versions and Signature.

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