SMCC Stands in Solidarity With Ukraine

Southern Maine Community College stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and the rest of the world in denouncing Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

We are troubled by the images and news coming from Ukraine about the illegal invasion and the resulting violence, death and destruction. We can only imagine the despair being felt by Ukrainians in their home country and around the globe.

During these anxious and uncertain times, the College encourages all students — regardless of where you’re from — who are impacted by the events in Ukraine to contact Sweetser for counseling support. SMCC partners with Sweetser to provide counseling services to help students manage personal stress and fully engage with their education, work and social life.

To request a confidential meeting with a Sweetser counselor, please call the Sweetser Promise Line at 800-434-3000 and identify yourself as an SMCC student. They will take your information and a counselor will call you back to schedule an appointment.

If you need assistance with the process, call or email the Office of Student Life at 207-741-5967 or