SMCC pays tribute to employees for service milestones

SMCC paid tribute to dozens of employees for reaching service milestones with the College during a ceremony on Oct. 6.

Employees Mike Hart, Anne Applin, Katharine Gergosian, Stacy Kardash and Amy Lee.

President Joe Cassidy recognized employees who reached milestones or retired in both 2020 and 2021. A ceremony was not held last year because of COVID-19.

For both 2020 and 2021, a total of 75 employees attained service milestones with SMCC, with six of them reaching 25 years or more of service. Another 10 faculty and staff retired.

In all, the employees who were recognized had a combined 1,165 years of service to SMCC. Photos can be found on the SMCC Flickr page.

Employees who were recognized for reaching employment milestones in 2020 and 2021 were:

• Five years: Dianne Berube (IT); Larry Buchanan (Radiography); Abigail Carter (Child Care Center); Jocelyn Conley (Mathematics); Holly Gurney (Learning Commons); Anthony Kadnar (Heating, AC and Refrigeration); Maureen LaSalle (Culinary/Hospitality Management); Leah Mitchell (Emergency Medical Services); Michael Nozdrovicky (Nursing); Ashley Pomelow (Financial Aid); Caleb Richard (Facilities); James Roy (Maine Fire Service Institute); Debora Schofield (Student Success); Matt Shaffer (Facilities); Ethan Wells (Athletics); Gabriel Wilde (Admissions); and Randi Wilde (Financial Aid.

• Ten years: Matt Allaire (IT); Anne Applin (Computer & Information Sciences); Meg Broderick (Culinary); Seth Doane (Radiography); Brenda Downey (Workforce Training); Margaret Fahey (Academic Affairs); Dianne Fredette (Finance); Katharine Gergosian (TRIO); Michael Hart (E-Learning); Stacy Kardash (Student Success); Amy Lee (Admissions); Joe Moore (Automotive Technology); Amy Mullen (Communications); Tom Narciso (Precision Machining); Corey Norman (Communications & New Media); Michelle Neujahr (Business Administration); Crystal Pietrowicz (Biological Sciences); Rich Pitre (English); Stephen Reed (Student Accounts); Katharine Roy-Gosselin (Respiratory Therapy); and Rebecca Woods (Financial Aid).

• Fifteen years: Tim Barnes (IT); Leslie Barteaux (Institutional Research); Carla Birt (Nursing); Julie Chase (SMCC Foundation); Amy Havel (English); Joseph Jones (Facilities); Lisa Keenan (Nursing); Joanne Langerman (Library); Sandra Lynham (Student Services); Anna Medina (Learning Commons); Frank Moreau (Facilities); Walter Morris (Maine Fire Service Institute); Ruth Morrison (Automotive Technology); Mark Reuscher (Business Administration); Bryan Strniste (Library); Brian Tarbox (Biological Sciences); and Eric Wellman (Emergency Medical Services).

• Twenty years: Brian Hamel (Facilities); Frank Hammond Jr. (Maine Fire Service Institute); Patrick Haviland (Student Success); Floydzell Johnson (Facilities); Kevin Kimball (Physics); Tom Long (Biological Sciences); Linda Misener (Mathematics); Anthony Poulin (Culinary); Cheryl Rich (Horticulture); Tom Richardson (Behavioral Health & Human Services); Kate Sibole (Communications & New Media).

• Twenty-five years: Paul Charpentier (Academic Affairs); Kathleen Doan (Student Success); Jan Veinot (Social Sciences); Gerard Zarrilli (English).

• Thirty-five years: Lisa Dolan (IT).

• Forty years: Craig Carney (Heating, AC, Refrigeration & Plumbing).

• Retirees: Randall Hamilton (7 years, Marine Fire Service Institute); Elizabeth Bailey (9 years, Nursing); Bob Coffman (13 years, Business Administration); Susan Stewart (15 years, Nursing); Penelope Rice (17 years, Nursing); Thomas McVey (20 years, IT); Denise Reny (22 years, Human Resources); Joyce Menges (25 years, Mathematics); Howard Burpee (31 years, Computer & Information Technology); and Jay Reny (40 years, Facilities).