SMCC honors nearly 100 employees for service milestones

SMCC held a ceremony on Thursday, May 2, to honor employees who had reached service milestones with the College. During the ceremony, President Kristen Miller recognized the employees who had reached milestones or retired in 2024. Nearly 100 employees were acknowledged for their service, eight having completed 25 years or more. Additionally, 10 faculty and staff members retired.

President Kristen Miller and retiring Vice President Paul Charpentier


Adrian Ayotte (Mathematics); Tammy Bailey (Bursars Office); Shari Barton-Harrell (Social Sciences); Jay Bickford (Facilities Management); Raymond Bishop (Maine Fire Science Institute); Matthew Burke (Fine Arts); Sarah Caldwell (Nursing); Braxton Campbell (Fire Science); Lara Carlson (Biological Sciences ); John Chase (English / Humanities); John Conley (Mathematics); Rachel Cooper (Nursing); Tim Coyne (Facilities Management); Lisa Dittrich (Cardiovascular Technology); Joseph Ezepek (Criminal Justice); James Flahaven (Fine Arts); Maura Gaven (Fine Arts); Benjamin Gelinas (Engineering & Electrical Technology); Matthew Goodman (Dean of Academic Excellence); Jeffrey Hammersmith (Emergency Medical Services); Keenan Hatch (Nursing); Michelle Hayward (Mathematics); Robert Helsel (Cardiovascular Technology); Deborah Krainin (Global Languages); Mike Libby (Fine Arts); Shannon Parker (English / Humanities); David Pelton (Mathematics); Eric Peters (Global Languages); Elizabeth Pfeffer (Emergency Medical Services); Megan Regnier (English / Humanities); Grace Relihan (Biological Sciences); Don Sheets (Emergency Medical Services); Anne-Marie Smith (Global Languages); Lareen Smith (Biological Sciences); Karen Twidwell (Nursing)


Megan Alexander-Cook (Health Occupations); Timothy Beals (Emergency Medical Services); Nicholas Ciciretti (Mathematics); Marti Cox (Workforce Development); Tim Dunne (Strategy, Planning & Data Governance); Scott Greenleaf (Mathematics); Meghan Hardison (Library); John Hebert (Facilities Management); Glenn Hussey (Computer & Information Sciences); Julia Jeremias (Education); Katharine Lualdi (TRiO Student Support Services); Farshid Mahmoudi (Mathematics); Rachel Parse (Education); Michele Pavitt (Advising Services); Stephen Pritz (Precision Machining & Manufacturing – Welding); John Reeves (Business Administration); Brittany Williams (TRiO Student Support Services)


Michael Cheney (Institutional Operations); Shaun Gray (Finance); John Knight (Fine Arts); Camilla Lofving (English / Humanities); Joseph Manhardt (Campus Security); David Palm (Horticulture); Steven Reece (Criminal Justice); Debora Schofield (Education); Joyce Turrell (English / Humanities); Aimee Vlachos (Business Administration); Chad Walls (English / Humanities)


Marshall Abbott (Social Sciences); Elizabeth Arsenault (Academics); Michael Branca (Fine Arts); Kimberly Farnham (Registration); Thomas Joyce Jr. (Criminal Justice); Anne Mattsson (Biological Sciences); Eben Miller (Social Sciences); Wendy Plourde (Computer & Information Sciences); Moira Rascati (Culinary Arts); Erin Sandler (Emergency Medical Services); Stephen Strand (Business Administration); Paul Trahan (English/Humanities); Robert Vettese (English/Humanities)


Meridith Comeau (Architectural & Engineering Design); Carin Dunay (Library); Amy Lainoff (Advising Services); Maurice Leavitt (Culinary Arts); Timothy Slane (Facilities Management); Mitchell Thomas (English / Humanities);


Terrence Smith (Facilities Management)


Daniel Abbott (Architectural & Engineering Design)


Glaisma Perez Silva (Disability Services); Patricia Buchanan (Medical Assisting); Martha Vrana-Bossart (Nursing); Crystal Pietrowicz (Biological Sciences); Margie Fahey (Curriculum & Articulation); Diane Leo (Administration); Ann Boyce (English/Humanities); Karen Gordon (Learning Commons); Paul Charpentier (President’s Office); Louise Ouellette (Radiography)

Overall, the recognized employees had a combined service of 1,158 years with SMCC. Photos from the ceremony are on the SMCC Flickr page.