SMCC Communications and New Media program events bring real-world experience and connections to students

SMCC’s Communications & New Media Studies (CNMS) program will be on full display during the month of May. First, CNMS will hold a Portfolio Show & Reverse Job Fair highlighting “some wicked good graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, and journalism portfolios.”

The event, which will be a little bit art show and a little bit job fair will be held in the Culinary Arts Dining Room on the SMCC South Portland Campus  on Monday, May 8, from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

“Maybe you’ll come to show your support, give some feedback, and share your own stories with our talented crew of graduating seniors.” Or “Perhaps you’ll end up hiring talent you didn’t even know you needed,” CNMS Chair Kate Sibole said.

To see the work being done by SMCC CNMS students, individuals can reserve a spot on the CNMS Eventbright Event Page.

Next up, the Maine Mayhem Film Festival will showcase films by second-year CNMS students. This is the 13th year for the festival, but a first-of-its-kind experience this year. Historically, films have been screened at the Nickelodeon in Portland, but this year there will be three screenings at different venues: Nickelodeon, Green Lantern in Bridgton, and the Bangor Art Exchange.

  • May 11 – Nickelodeon Cinema (Portland) 6 & 8:45 p.m. – BUY TICKETS
  • May 12 – Magic Lantern (Bridgton) 6 p.m. – BUY TICKETS
  • May 13 – Bangor Art Exchange (Bangor) 7 p.m. – TICKET LINK SOON

Notably, all the CNMS students in the festival are female filmmakers for the first time.

At each of the four screenings for this year’s event, we will begin with several short animations before moving on to the main event; five short films framed by an interstitial story. This year’s films are: The Vase, Shadow Nightmare, Go to Hell!, The City of Servers, The Antique and Pitch Fest.

The Vase

  • Director: Michaella Tillo
  • Producer: Christopher Carpenter, Michaella Tillo
  • Synopsys: Walter is a boy prepared for the world to end. Warren is a girl prepared for her world to begin. On Thanksgiving, Walter has to right his wrong of forgetting to deliver a vase to his Mom’s friend before his family finishes dinner. When Walter ends up on Warren’s doorstep, this miscommunication for Walter becomes an opportunity for Warren to escape her home life.

Shadow Nightmare

  • Director: Macie Beaudet
  • Producer: John Comeau, Macie Beaudet
  • Synopsys: Riley and George have been friends their whole lives. The problem is, George isn’t real. He’s Riley’s imaginary friend, and he’s not happy that she’s trying to move on.

Go to Hell!

  • Director: Emma Jordan
  • Producer: Griffin Cardale, Gabriel Hirst, Emma Jordan
  • Synopsys: Lydia’s childhood best friend Brad has just been murdered and left by the side of the road, and it’s left her with overwhelming guilt concerning the rocky end of their friendship. When she makes her way to their childhood clubhouse, he is waiting there, incorporeal, and begging for her help. Now, he has nine days to remember who killed him and right his wrongs, or he’ll be sent to purgatory… forever.

The City of Servers

  • Director: Elora Griswold
  • Prodroducer: Elora Griswold
  • Synopsys: Everyone knows Maine is the way life should be, and many people who come to visit Portland’s robust “foodie” scene tend to agree. Yet the working class of Portland– who feel constrained by low wages, limited housing, and gentrification –know the way Portland is marketed is not the way life really is.

The Antique

  • Director: Hannah Perry Shepherd
  • Producer: Hannah Perry Shepherd
  • Synopsys: The Antique is a heartwarming story about twin sisters trying to save their family home from foreclosure after their mother dies. The only chance they have to afford the payments is if their mother’s treasured antique is worth anything. During their journey to get it appraised on a famous show, the sisters come to terms with their relationships with a complicated mother and each other.

Pitch Fest (Interstitials)

  • Dir: Kira Laine Kennedy, Kayla Harding
  • Prod: Kira Laine Kennedy, Kayla Harding
  • Synopsys: Two producers, Carrie and Terry, spend their day listening to fellow dreamers pitch their idea for the next big film. But unbeknownst to them, they’ll hear the good, the questionable, and even the disturbing, all in the quest to green-light the perfect film.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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