SMCC CNMS program to Host the Animation Show of Shows

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE – Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) is delighted to announce that it will host the 19th Annual Animation Show of Shows on Wednesday, November 15, at 6 p.m. This animation festival will take place at the Jewett Auditorium on the South Portland Campus and showcase a selection of 16 animated shorts from around the world.

The ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS is a celebrated exhibition of animation artistry that returns to theaters across North America this fall. This year’s program brings forth a unique resonance, offering profound insights into our societal roles and our place in the world.

Kate Sibole, Chair of Communications & New Media Studies at SMCC, highlighted the significance of bringing such events to the campus. She emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of animation and its power to unite various forms of artistic expression.

“This showcase shows students that if they have a passion for sculpture, audio, editing, photography, illustration, and writing, they can connect that to a skillset at SMCC across so many different classes within our academic pathway and beyond,” Sibole said.

“Because animation is such a natural medium for dealing with abstract ideas and existential concerns, the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS has always included a number of thoughtful and engaging films,” Ron Diamond, founder and curator of the ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOWS, said. “However, more than in previous years, this year’s program really offers contemporary animation that expresses deeply felt issues in our own country and around the world.”

The 19th season of the Animation Show of Shows promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering a diverse range of emotions and reflections. It brings to the forefront the significance of storytelling in defining individuals, groups, and cultures, and it demonstrates how animation can serve as a potent medium for preserving and delivering our legacies.

“The Animation Show of Shows event at SMCC is a testament to the College’s commitment to fostering artistic appreciation and creativity among its students and the broader community,” Sibole said. “We offer a unique opportunity for all attendees to engage with the world of animation, encouraging a deeper understanding of the power of this medium in conveying meaningful stories and messages.”

To learn more about the shorts to be shown, visit the Animation Show of Shows website.

All may join on November 15 at 6 p.m. at Jewett Auditorium on the South Portland Campus for an evening of inspiring and thought-provoking animated shorts from around the world. Entrance to the event is first come, first serve at Jewett Auditorium.