Kiwibot robots delivering food to your door at SMCC

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (SMCC) – Kiwibot, those cute sidewalk robots wandering around the Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) campus, are ready to affordably deliver food to you this semester.

“Kiwibot has been a fantastic addition to tools we offer and help people manage their valuable time a little bit better,” said SMCC Dean of Students Barbara Conner said.

Kiwibot has succeeded at SMCC due to its ongoing relationship with Sodexo, the campus food services and facilities management company.

Anyone downloading Sodexo’s new mobile application, Everyday, can order from the SeaWolves Cafe or the Oceanview Dining Hall on the South Portland Campus. After placing an order, a robot will pick up food and deliver it to a selected drop-off location. The app can follow orders in real-time until Kiwibot arrives at your site and the lid opens with your meal.

Students that get the app can take advantage of specials to start the Spring Semester. Sodexo will run a pre-sale discount on Kiwibot subscriptions through February 10th. Subscriptions can be purchased directly through the Everyday app under the subscription section.

Kiwibot uses a cutting-edge, high-driving automation system that is primarily self-sufficient to move around campus safely. The Kiwibots travel at around the same speed as a casual stroll to ensure the safety of all walking near the units. Anyone can stop and say hello to a Kiwibot when they see one. And, Kiwibot can deliver in all kinds of weather, including snow.

“Kiwibots allows students, faculty, and staff to invest their time more productively while experiencing the world of robotics,” said John Tarin, Head of Global Operations at Kiwibot.

The Kiwibot family is excited to partner with SMCC and to help students get closer to the world of technology, robotics, and entrepreneurship. The on-site Kiwibot team will be available to participate in campus events.

The Everyday app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and more information can be found on the Kiwibot social media page.