In the Spotlight: Dec 17 Campus Connections

Student Profile
Tim Martone, future architect

Tim Martone spent many years in the wine and beer industries before deciding to change course and pursue a career in architecture. He’s attending SMCC as the first step in making his vision come true.

After graduating high school in New Jersey in 2007, Tim studied civil engineering at Marquette University for two years. But he didn’t finish, and instead he worked for companies selling wine and later selling beer.

In time, he came to the realization that he wanted to study architecture. So he moved to Maine, where he has family, and enrolled in SMCC’s Architectural & Engineering Design program.

Within weeks of enrolling, he landed a job as an intern drafter at an architectural firm, giving him real-world experience while learning skills in the classroom.

When he completes his degree, he plans to continue his education, earn a bachelor’s degree and become a full-fledged architect.

“At SMCC, I am starting to build a career in an industry I want to be in. Without the unique opportunity SMCC provides, I would have no way to pursue this lofty dream I have.”

Student Profile
Danielle Dubois, all food all the time

In Danielle Dubois’ travels around the country, there’s been one common theme: food. Now she’s studying culinary arts to hone my kitchen skills for a future in the restaurant world.

Danielle moved around for many years after graduating high school in Portland in 2004, living in places such as New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia and St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Along the way, she worked in restaurants under a number of chefs.

But she came to realize that she needed more training, so she decided to come to SMCC. She had heard a lot about the culinary program, and that a lot people were coming out of SMCC and doing neat stuff with food.

When she’s not in class, Danielle works at two restaurants and is active in SMCC’s Culinary Club, volunteering for culinary events like Harvest on the Harbor and the Taste of Maine fundraiser. Her ultimate goal upon graduation is to work at a Michelin Star restaurant.

“I like working with different chefs, learning different cooking techniques and styles. I’m just all food all the time.”