In Her Presence organization holds Student Day at SMCC

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine – In Her Presence (IHP), a Maine-based organization that supports New Mainer women and their families, held their Student Day at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) on Friday, September 23.

SMCC will provide classroom space for over 90 students and additional IHP programs.

In Her Presence works with New Mainers, including Asylum Seekers who “are the most vulnerable because of the language barrier, disenfranchised because of the race, isolated because of the ethnicity and have the biggest need for empowerment, integration and self-advocacy in different areas including health and economic opportunities.”

SMCC Dean of Academic Excellence Matt Goodman said, “In Her Presence is such a special organization, a true beacon of light and love in our community. We could not be more excited about growing our partnership with In Her Presence and sharing our beautiful campus to help IHP expand programming.”

Claudette Ndayininahaze, executive director of IHP, sees excellent opportunities for students as the partnership with SMCC continues to grow.

“Our women will feel the college atmosphere and hopefully will be inspired to continue their education. SMCC is the perfect next step after achieving English competency for women to continue the path of lifelong learning and to achieve their goals and dreams,” Ndayininahaze said. “We are deeply grateful and tremendously excited to build a strong relationship with this extraordinary institution.”

To learn more about IHP and its mission, visit the website at

Check out the photo gallery of the event on SMCC’s Flickr page.