Foundation founders meet with SMCC’s Worthington Scholarship students

South Portland, Maine – Beverly and David Worthington, founders of the Worthington Scholarship Foundation (WSF), visited Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) recipients of the Worthington Scholarships on Monday, September 12.

The WSF awards scholarships to resource-challenged students from all across Maine. Additionally, it provides in-person support services for students throughout their educational journey. David Worthington said the support system is the backbone of their program.

“The support is essential,” David said. “We can help give them guidance, connect them with services on campus and upper-class students who have been through similar experiences, and provide them with answers to their questions.”

Beverly Worthington said the personal connection with the students is critical to the process.

“We want students to know how much we care about them”, Beverly said. “We’re here for the entire experience. We know their names, where they’re from, and their passions. Funding their education while providing support at the same time makes a powerful impact on our students.”

Second-year Worthington Scholar and Early Childhood major Sierra Henderson said the WSF support was critical to her success.

“Going to college on my own, adulting for the first time, was nerve-wracking,” Henderson said. “It took adjusting and getting used to. Just knowing I had (the WSF) support was incredible. If I needed help, people were here for me at any time.”

SMCC President Joe Cassidy said the program makes a meaningful impact on the lives of Mainers that might not otherwise get a chance at higher education.

“The scholarship is game-changing for these students. Mr. And Mrs. Worthington and the WSF go to great lengths to uniquely understand the applicants and hand-pick individuals to be a part of the program,” President Cassidy said. It starts with financial support, but they do more than that. They give them mentorship and make sure they are connected with the Foundation and other support systems along the way.”

“I love talking to these students because I get to tell them the stories,” Beverly Worthington said. “I get to look at them and tell them if you’re willing to do the work, show the people around you that no matter what you’re going through, you’re willing to do what it takes, they will stand with you. We will stand with you.”

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