Campus Connections, Top Stories, June 15

Science students research fruit fly DNA, lobster shell disease


SMCC science students have been staying busy researching fruit flies and lobsters.

Ten students spent a week in May at Bowdoin College for the SMCC-Bowdoin Genetic Research short course, an intensive hands-on laboratory-based class where students applied molecular biology techniques to answer real research questions about DNA.

Using fruit fly DNA, students learned about DNA regulation and how genes can be turned off and on. The class, taught by Bowdoin biology Professor Jack Bateman, was funded through the National Science Foundation, allowing students to attend tuition-free.

Meanwhile, two Marine Science students – Robert Morefield and Crystal Cooper – traveled to Virginia to present research past weekend at the annual Science Education Alliance (SEA)-Phages Symposium, held at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia.

SMCC’s viral genomic students — Robert, Crystal, Amanda Campbell, Amanda Estes and Nick Marquis — isolated a virus known as phage that infects bacteria associated with lobster shell disease, and created a poster showing their research.

Robert and Crystal then presented the poster at the symposium. The annual event brings together SEA-Phages students and faculty members from around the country to connect and share their research through poster sessions and talks.

Employees recognized for contributions


Twenty employees were recognized for their contributions during SMCC’s annual Employee Appreciation Day.

Staff and faculty spent the afternoon of May 22 at Bayside Bowl, where these award winners were given their due:

  • Rookie of the Year: Leslie Guerette (honorable mention: Gabe Wilde)
  • The Spirit: Shane Long (honorable mention: Greg Andrews)
  • Students First: Jodie Lane (honorable mention: Patrick Haviland)
  • Baby’s Bottom: Deirdre O’Brien (honorable mention: Jeremy Dill)
  • Sunshine: Amanda Card (honorable mention: Tom McVey and Micaela Carroll)
  • Creativity: Amy Mullen (honorable mention: Brittany Williams)
  • Helping Hand: Stacy Kardash (honorable mention: Leslie Barteaux and Mike Cheney)
  • Wolf Pack: Advising Office (honorable mention: IT)
  • Leader of the Pack: Jeremy Dill (honorable mention: Tiffanie Bentley and Matt Richards)