Campus Connections, In the Spotlight: Sept. 12


Student Spotlight
Justin Cochran, getting involved

Student involvement is so important to Justin Cochran that he became Student Senate president. As president, he says, he can have a positive impact on each and every student club and organization.

Justin was first drawn to SMCC when he took an SMCC college course (through the Early College for ME program) while still in high school in Topsham.

He now studies Education and plans to either enter the teaching world or transfer to the University of Maine at Farmington after graduation.

At SMCC, he’s president of both the Student Senate and the Cosplay Club.

“I try to keep my hand in every club because I want to see students engaged. I want to see every club and organization succeed.”



Faculty Spotlight
Anne Applin, students are her legacy

Anne Applin came to SMCC in 2011 and helped create the Computer Science program.

She considers her students to be her legacy and is proud that so many of them doing great things, such as working at Pixar and the NSA.

Professor Applin has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computer science and a Ph.D. in computer science education from the University of Southern Mississippi. Before moving to Maine, she taught at Pearl River Community College, Ithaca College and Millsaps College.

“My favorite part of teaching are the ‘Aha!’ moments. You can’t get enough of those moments when things click for students and they see how things work.”