Campus Connections In the Spotlight, July 13th

krier-optimized_smAlumni Profile
Shelley Krier, nursing success

When it came time to choose a calling after her children reached a certain age, Shelley Krier enrolled at SMCC and earned a nursing degree. More than two decades later, she’s still grateful to SMCC for her successful career.

After high school, Shelley first earned a bachelor’s degree in education at a Massachusetts college, but she became a stay-at-home mother after getting married and having three children. When her children were old enough, she earned her nursing degree and has since worked as an RN at hospitals and as a nurse clinical consultant.

She is now a self-employed nurse case manager providing case management services to insurance companies. She’s also working toward a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling.

“The community college system has so much to offer anyone who wants to learn, at whatever level. My nursing career has been a complete success. I have made a very good income, I’ve had many many experiences in both clinical and nonclinical settings, and I continue to grow.”


Student ProfileKittredge-optimized_sm
Joleen Kittredge, finding her niche

Joleen Kittredge came to SMCC after the company that employed her for 25 years was bought by an out-of-state competitor and consolidated. By the end of summer, she’ll have a business degree and a new job.

Two years ago, Joleen never imagined going to college. After all, she had two teenagers at home and a good job at William Arthur, a stationery maker in Kennebunk.

But after a Massachusetts company acquired William Arthur, she couldn’t find a job and decided to come to SMCC to study business. She became secretary of the Business Club and resurrected the club’s “Dirty Business” fact sheets, which can be found around campus offering interesting tidbits of business information.

Joleen will have her degree at the end of summer, and she’s already landed a job as an account manager for a small financial management firm in York.

“The biggest thing I’ve gotten out of SMCC is confidence. When I lost my job, that was all I knew and I didn’t think I could do anything else. But after coming here and getting good grades, I can go into a job interview now and know there’s not much they can throw at me that I can’t handle.”