Campus Connections, In the Spotlight, Jan. 19

Nicholas-Jackson-optimizedStudent Spotlight
Nick Jackson, inspired by superheroes

Nick Jackson is inspired by superheroes — which helps explain why he’s enrolled in SMCC’s Paramedicine program.

Nick became an EMT when he was 16 and will become a paramedic when he graduates from SMCC. When he’s not in class, he works for an ambulance service that gives him hands-on training in the field.

Eventually, he plans to go to medical school and become a doctor in emergency and critical care medicine.

Nick says he’s inspired by superheroes such as Batman and Power Rangers, normal people without superpowers who do great things given the right tools.

“SMCC’s Paramedicine program gives me the knowledge and understanding to save people, just like superheroes.”


Alumni Spotlight
Shane Cushing, going far

Since SMCC, Shane Cushing has earned a bachelor’s degree and is now pursuing a master’s in Education. When he’s done, he’s aiming to work in the residence life field at a college or university.

Shane says he was a timid, shy kid when he first arrived at SMCC out of high school in 2011. But he grew tremendously at SMCC and later earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Maine at Farmington. He’s now at the University of Maine at Orono, going for his master’s in Education.

He says the transfer process was easy and it was a relief to not have any debt when he left SMCC. While at SMCC, there was plenty of support to help in succeed.

“That’s what was so great about SMCC, I was so secure there. I never felt like I was rowing my own boat. I always had the support I needed.”