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About the Mobile Learning Lab

SMCC’s all-new Mobile Learning Lab brings the excitement of STEM directly to middle school and high school students across the region. Awaken your students’ problem-solving skills, open doors to future career possibilities, and share the magical world of STEM—without ever leaving your school. Contact us to learn more and schedule a visit.

The Silly String Advanced Deployment Device

The Silly String Advanced Deployment Device Learning Lab will engage middle school students with a creative approach to engineering, networking, and programming—using a small, personal computer to remotely activate a Silly String Launcher. Lab: 1 full-day session or 2 half-day sessions. View the program flyer for more information.

Mobile Learning Lab Programs

Our dynamic Mobile Learning Lab offerings cover a range of topics, including:

Silly String Launcher

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to experience the Silly String Advanced Deployment Device. This is a device built at SMCC that allows you to launch Silly String remotely. All it takes is a bit of programming, engineering, electronics and 3D printing.

Mobile Welding Unit

Learn more about the world of welding. Safety equipment provided. Welders join metal parts using a tool that generates intense heat. Welders will use either a computer to remotely control equipment or hand-held equipment to cut or join metal parts, fill a hole or fix seams in metal.

Robotic Arm

Fire up a robotic arm, created at SMCC. A robotic arm is a machine programmed and designed to perform specific tasks efficiently and precisely. The work of a robotic arm is largely driven by a motor and is used in different industrial sectors.

Weather Station

Experience first-hand what it’s like to work at a weather station. Weather experts have various specialties, such as: measuring atmospheric properties (such as temperature and windspeed), using computer models that analyze meteorological data, and conducting research to improve understanding of weather phenomena.


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Funding is provided by a Department of Labor (DOL) grant awarded to Southern Maine Community College – 100% DOL grant funds totaling $1,000,000.

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