What is the difference between Synchronous vs Asynchronous Online Courses?

Synchronous: These are online classes that meet remotely on specific days/times – typically over Zoom. Synchronous classes give you the benefit of being able to see and meet your instructor and classmates, and ask questions, in real time.

Taking a synchronous class? We encourage you to turn your camera on! Having your camera on can improve your learning experience. It increases your opportunity for engagement, supports community building, and lets your instructor know you are physically present.

Asynchronous: These are more traditional online course, and have no scheduled meeting days or times. Asynchronous courses give you the benefit of added flexibility. While instructors will still assign work/projects and due dates, you are able to do the work anytime your schedule allows.

The information you need to determine how your classes will run is listed in the schedule column in the course search, or in the time/location/building area on your schedule.

In the example below ACCT 105 02 is an asynchronous course, and has no scheduled days/times to meet.  ACCT 105 03 is a synchronous course and will be meeting remotely from 9:30-10:45AM Tuesdays(T) & Thursdays(R).

ACCT 105 02 Financial Accounting Dean-Littlefield, Alyssa L. 0/20 Full ●      Online, Brightspace 3.00 1/19/2021 5/15/2021
ACCT 105 03 Financial Accounting Strand, Stephen A. 0/20 Full ●      TR 9:30 AM-10:45 AM; Online, Brightspace, ZOOM Required 3.00 1/19/2021 5/15/2021