Try a new approach to ATI TEAS test prep

By Michele Pavitt

Learning preferences vary widely among students. Some grasp concepts easily through group projects or discussions while others prefer silent focus on a lecture or text. The same variations apply to preparation for a high-stakes test, such as the ATI TEAS exam, required for acceptance to the SMCC programs in Nursing and Radiography.

Many students have shared their strategies for preparing for the test. Some have recommended purchasing the online practice exams, available through the ATI TEAS website. Frequent self-testing balanced with study of the TEAS prep book produces good results, they say.

Others have found that educational videos, apps, or online flashcards are more helpful than the printed prep guide. We’ve therefore gathered a collection of materials for you to consider, ranging from structured online TEAS prep courses to a downloadable app for a cell phone. We would love to hear from you with reactions or other suggestions:


ATI TEAS Website

Offers a variety of resources, including online practice tests and a Facebook Page with information about live TEAS prep events and previously recorded videos. The ATI Student Blog offers practice questions and TEAS tips.



For Anatomy and Physiology study, one instructor recommended the “Professor Dave Explains” or “Crash Course Hank” series.


Khan Academy

Nonprofit organization offering free videos, articles, and exercises on many topics.


TEAS prep courses, online

Includes reviews and price information for the following online prep courses: Mometrix, The Adkins Academy, Achieve Test Prep, and ATI.



Offers study guides, online courses, and flashcards for the ATI TEAS exam.



Features free flashcards for the ATI TEAS exam.


Pocket Prep App for ATI TEAS

Mobile practice test app for the ATI TEAS exam.