Tips for Success at SMCC


By: Amanda Gagnon

Starting your semester by getting organized and having a plan can help you meet your deadlines and manage your time. It is also important to utilize the resources you have available to you as a student – many of these are Free!

  • Take time to explore and learn the software you’ll be using
      1. The Student Portal (view a tour of the portal)
      2. Brightspace – there is a new student training where you can explore the features and functions of the program
      3. SMCC App – required for coming to campus with the health screening, but also a student wall to post on, a campus map, and more
  • Get organized at the beginning of the semester
      1. Review the syllabus for each class so you know the objectives, expectations, and what you’ll be learning and doing for assignments
      2. Use a planner or calendar to write down all the assignments in each of your classes
        1. Stop into Advising for a free SMCC Compass student planner and handbook
        2. You have a Google Calendar attached to your SMCC Gmail account that you can use for a digital planner and set reminders/alerts
      3. Schedule study and tutoring time into your week
      4. Have a copy of the Student Calendar for important dates/deadlines
      5. More tips for getting organized 
  • Utilize the resources available to you
    1. Free Tutoring: My Maine Guide > My Learning
    2. Free Counseling Services: My Maine Guide > My Student Life
      • Sweetser Promise Line (800) 434-3000 – let them know you’re an SMCC student and someone will call you back to schedule a session 
    3. Career Services: My Maine Guide > My Career & Transfer
    4. Advising: My Maine Guide > My Degree
      • Get to know our team and schedule advising meetings
    5. Your Faculty Advisor: My Maine Guide > My Degree
      • In My Degree scroll down to the bottom right side of the page to “Academic Information” to find who you are assigned to 
      • Next you can look up your advisor’s contact information in our Campus Directory to reach out/schedule a meeting
  • Set goals – long and short term goals
      1. Need help? Work with an Advisor or Career Services
      2. iGrad can help with financial goals. Visit the iGrad website.
  • Self care – make sure to take time to relax and reward yourself for all of your hard work
    1. Student Activities emails provide information about events on campus and on Zoom to connect and have fun.
    2. Stay on task and work towards keeping yourself organized so you will have more free time to enjoy.

Ask for help when you need it – our staff is here to assist