Summer and Fall Registration 2021 is open!

How do I know when to register?

SMCC runs a tiered registration schedule based on how many credits you have already earned (not including the credits you are currently taking).

Where can I find out how many credits I’ve earned?

You can find how many credits you’ve earned in the Student Portal:

Log in to the MySMCC Portal

My Maine Guide > My Degree > Look for Academic Information on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and look for “Credit Hours Earned.”

Need help selecting your classes?

For assistance in planning your semester, you can work with your Faculty Advisor or you can contact the Advising Office to work with a Staff Advisor.

Your Faculty Advisor will:

  • Give you advice about your career path
  • Tell you what skills and courses will help you succeed
  • Know your field and program of study
  • Help you identify potential internship opportunities and establish professional connections

A Staff Advisor will:

  • Plan your course schedule for the next semester and future semesters and review your degree requirements
  • Answer questions about specific courses and course requirements
  • Connect you with helpful college resources and find ways to improve your success
  • Help you choose your program of study, manage your courses and maintain your academic standing
  • Get the answers to any questions you have
  • Meet our staff advisors

Planning Your Classes: Degree Worksheet and your Degree Audit

In your Student Portal you have the option of running a Degree Audit:

My Maine Guide > My Degree > Quicklinks “Run My Degree Audit”

You can also find your Degree Worksheet to guide you in selecting your courses.

If you are able to enroll yourself in classes you can reach out to your Faculty Advisor or a Staff Advisor to review your schedule.



The full Academic Calendar is available in the Student Portal: My Maine Guide > My Degree > Quicklinks “Student Calendar”