Self-Care for Students

By Amanda Gagnon

As classes are progressing and we are moving towards midterms, it is important to take time for self-care. There are a number of things you can do that are self-care. Enjoying a favorite food, connecting with friends and family, meditation, yoga, or just being outside can help your sense of well-being. You can also be prepared and organized for the semester so you know everything you will be doing in your classes – and when these projects and assignments are due.

There are numerous books and articles that discuss self-care and provide helpful tips and practices. These contain some very useful and relevant suggestions. As an SMCC student you have some resources available to you that can help with self-care. You have access to free counseling services, free tutoring, student events and activities, and access to work with staff advisors and your assigned faculty advisor for planning.

Self Care for Students

Sometimes we all just need someone to talk to. SMCC students have access to free counseling services. You can find more information by logging into the Student Portal: My Maine Guide > My Student Life > Quicklinks (at the top) “Counseling Services”. To access these services you would call the Sweetser Promise Line: 800-434-3000 and inform them you are a SMCC student.  Someone will take your information and a counselor will call back to schedule your confidential meeting.  If you have questions or need assistance with this the Office of Student Life can help: 207-741-5967 or

It can be stressful to fall behind or have a difficult time with a class, but you have resources available for free. SMCC offers free tutoring services for a number of classes, as well as a writing center. Tutoring sessions are offered as drop-in or scheduled appointments, and there are online and in-person options (check the guidelines). You can access tutoring services in the Student Portal: My Maine Guide > My Learning > Quicklinks (at the top) “Get tutoring assistance”. Tutoring can help you understand the course materials and lessen your stress; this is a valuable form of self-care.

The Student Activities department hosts events that could be considered self-care. They host some fun options for students to connect and potentially relax, and send out emails to let students know what is available and upcoming. Take a minute and see if there is anything that interests you that could fit into your schedule. You can find more information on the SMCC student app or on their Facebook page.

Advising is another on-campus resource that can help you plan and stay on task. Working with an Advisor can help you have a clear picture of how to reach your goals and the important dates to prepare for. In mid- to late November, students are able to enroll in Spring classes. Planning ahead and booking an appointment with your faculty advisor, or one of the staff advisors, can help you know you are well-prepared for the next steps in your degree progress. Planning is important in your education, and knowing when you can enroll and what you need to take next can help keep your mind clear so you can focus on your current workload. Being prepared and organized is an important element of self-care, and another free resource available to you as an SMCC student.

Need to meet with an advisor? You can see more information about advising in the Student Portal: My Maine Guide > My Degree > Things to Know > Advising. From the advising page you can book an appointment, or if you have worked with a staff advisor before the direct link to book with that advisor is in their email signature.

Whether you are opting for self-care in the form of relaxation, or preparation, it is important. Keeping ourselves physically and mentally healthy allows us to enjoy the process of reaching our goals that much more. Being aware of your resources here as a student can help you with the ongoing process of self-care. Make sure to make yourself a priority as you work towards your future goals – we’re here to help!