Preparing for Finals

The Spring Semester Ends May 14 – Are You Ready to Finish Strong?
We know that the end of a semester can be stressful, and NOW is a great time to look ahead in your course(s) syllabus and make a plan to finish strong, earning the best grade possible! Planning ahead helps reduce stress, allowing you to get everything accomplished in a timely manner, and gives you ample time to study and ask questions.

Prep for Finals

Here are a few tips!
Organizing end of semester tasks now means that you can break up tasks into smaller pieces and smaller study sessions so you can incorporate self-care and minimize the levels of stress.

Do you have a final paper, project, or presentation? Start researching for projects and papers. Map out what you want to do/need for projects. Do you have the necessary materials?

Do you have a final exam(s)? Be sure you are up to date on readings, discussions, and assignments. Now is a great time to review, and be sure you understand the materials and are ready to study.

Be mindful of your study space.
When working on your projects and studying for exams, be mindful of what spaces work best for you to focus. Typically a quiet space free from distractions is the best option. Don’t like working in silence? Try listening to music!

Ask for help.
SMCC offers FREE tutoring, both in-person (if eligible) and online! Tutoring sessions can be scheduled through the My Learning section of My Maine Guide, or you can also simply drop-in to the Learning Commons, which is located on the second floor of the campus center.

Have you signed up for Summer and Fall 2022 courses?
Are you not sure what class(es) to take next? Connect with your faculty advisor, or one of our staff advisors, to make a plan! Having a plan for summer and/or fall can also alleviate stress and help you focus on ending the semester on a positive note.