Meet With Your Faculty Advisor

Did you know that all students who are accepted into a degree program have a specific faculty advisor within their department? It’s true!


November is Advising Month at SMCC! It is the perfect time to meet with your advisor. Introduce yourself, talk about your class selection for the next semester, and discuss your plans for graduation and beyond. Learn more here.

Who is My Faculty Advisor?

To find your faculty advisor and their contact information log into your Student Portal:

  • My Maine Guide
  • My Degree
  • Academic Information Box on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll need to scroll down.

This will show your name, student ID number, and current major – directly below that information is your faculty advisor’s information.

What can my Faculty Advisor help me with?

Your Faculty Advisor can help you plan your semester(s) and they teach in your program. You can also ask them about your major and the field you are studying.

Connect with your Faculty Advisor Today!