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WelcomeME is a free, online customer service certification program. Designed to support Maine’s tourism industry, this training helps to create superior customer experiences. In this training you’ll learn about the types of Maine visitors—and the things that every Maine visitor wants, such as great value and a positive service attitude. Any student or employee working in Maine hospitality
will benefit.

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Please note that you must complete this online training in one session. The training could take up to 60 minutes. It consists of three learning modules and a final quiz, as well as the opportunity to earn a completion badge upon submitting the form on the last slide.

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When you complete this training, you will have the opportunity to receive a digital completion badge. Please note that to receive the badge, you must complete the training and submit the form on the last slide. If you do not submit the form, you will not receive the badge. Questions about badges can be directed to Joseph L’Africain:

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No Cost to Trainees

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