What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program serves students at Southern Maine Community College by providing opportunities to engage in enriched learning experiences. The program is open to every student. Students may participate by taking honors courses or honors options.

What is an honors course?

Honors courses are rigorous academic classes that emphasize critical thinking, writing, research, and self-reflection. They are taught in a face-to-face setting, draw upon an array of course materials to offer multiple views on issues, and encourage collaborative discussion and student participation.

What is an honors option?

An honors option is an individualized project that may be completed in courses in any discipline. Students work with their instructors and the Honors Program coordinator to design and complete honors option projects. Honors option projects may include extended writing assignments, artistic work, technical productions, business proposals, and service learning experiences.

What are the requirements for being an honors student?

Any student at SMCC may be an honors student. You may participate in a course, complete an honors option, or even decide to complete the Honors Program.

How do I complete the Honors Program?

To complete the Honors Program and graduate as an Honors Scholar, it is necessary to complete any combination of four honors courses and/or honors options with a minimum of a “B” grade, and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.3.

What are the benefits of participating in the Honors Program?

The benefits of participating in the Honors Program include:

  • The fulfillment of deep engagement in your education, whether in an academic, trade, or professional discipline.
  • Additional recognition at graduation.
  • Appealing to future employers and four-year colleges.
  • Direct transfer (upon completion of the program) to the Honors Program at the University of Southern Maine.