Certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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About This Program

The Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing programs prepare students to install, repair and maintain refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment. Students learn about the components and construction of HVACR systems, temperature control and electronics, and how to read blueprints. This program incorporates a hands-on practical approach through work in the lab on HVAC equipment.

Graduates enter their field with skills and knowledge in basic electricity, heating and refrigeration systems and air conditioning systems, as well as the skills and competencies for journeyman plumbing. Special attention will be given to the integration of green technologies. Advanced courses develop more sophisticated design and application skills such as estimating thermal loads, hydronic piping design and controls for more complex circuits including digital. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/HVACR) technicians can work in private homes, commercial offices, industrial complexes or any other type of building.

The Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing department offers an Associate in Applied Science degree with two options: Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, and Heating & Plumbing. The program also offers individual certificates in Plumbing, Heating, and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the HVAC/Plumbing fields.

Your Certificate Courses

SMCC offers a certificate in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning requiring a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following courses are a sampling of what you might take as a student in these programs and are subject to change.
Certificate Courses

  • Print Reading
  • Basic Electrical Principles for HVAC
  • Basic Refrigeration
  • Basic Air Conditioning
  • English Composition
  • College Algebra and Trigonometry
  • College Physics I with Lab
  • Introduction to Welding

Current Major-Specific Courses Available

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Graduation Requirements

If you are a current student your program requirements may be different than those listed for the current catalog year. To view your specific program requirements or to search and register for courses, log in to MySMCC and visiting MyDegree.

Graduation Outcomes

  • Assemble warm air, steam and hot water systems.
  • Combustion test for maximum operating efficiency.
  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical and fuel systems.
  • Exhibit knowledge of installation code and safe work practices.
  • Assemble, charge and operate refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • Troubleshoot and repair refrigeration and AC control systems.
  • Recover, recycle and work safely with refrigerants.
  • Awareness and teamwork skills.

Estimated Certificate Completion Time

35 credit hours are required to complete this program

Please note, these estimates are based on a student taking an average of 15 credits per semester and do not include college preparatory or developmental courses.

Program Costs

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SMCC Graduates

92% of SMCC graduates gain employment or continue their education within 9 months of graduation