Associate Degree in Construction Technology

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About this Program

The Construction Technology program provides technical and hands-on experience in residential construction, preparing its graduates for a rewarding career in the construction industry.

The construction field involves constantly changing technology in today’s continuing search for more energy-efficient structures. Technically trained professionals with innovative ideas and the skills to apply these ideas and knowledge are needed to meet the challenges of today’s building industry. Related subjects such as print reading, framing, interior finishes and building science along with English composition and math provide students with a well-rounded education, allowing them to obtain employment in a variety of positions within the construction industry or its related fields.

All students participate in framing and interior finishing projects in a lab setting that provides them with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the construction industry. All classes are conducted in an environment that prepares students for the expectations of future employers. Students will use a blower door, IR camera, moisture meter, and other energy tools to perform, evaluate and prepare a single-family home energy audit and report.

Out-of-State Licensure Information

If you are completing this program and will be seeking licensure in another state, please download our Out-of-State Licensure document.

Your Degree Courses

SMCC’s Construction Technology program offers an Associate in Applied Science degree requiring a mix of general education and hands-on courses. The following courses are a sampling of what you might take as a student in this program and are subject to change.

  • Building Concepts & Leveling
  • Tool Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Print Reading
  • Framing Methods
  • Roof Framing
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Interior Finishes
  • Building Science & Energy Auditing
  • Freshman Interest Group (FIG)
  • English Composition
  • Math Elective
  • Concrete Construction
  • Timber Framing
  • Construction Tech Internship
  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Technical Physics & Lab
  • Social Sciences (2)
  • Fine Arts / Humanities
  • Technical elective areas include:
    • Architectural & Engineering Design
    • Composite Science & Manufacturing
    • Welding
    • Pre-Engineering
    • Spreadsheet Applications
  • Open elective areas include:
    • Business
    • Technical Writing
    • Horticulture
    • Geographic Information Systems

Current Major-Specific Courses Available

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Graduation Requirements

Prospective Students

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Current Students

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Graduation Outcomes

  • Interpret a basic set of house plans
  • Use a variety of measuring tools to lay out a structure
  • Set a builder’s level laser level or transit and analyze readings
  • Lay out and assemble a floor, wall and roof system
  • Straighten and square framing
  • Lay out, cut and erect rafters for a variety of roof styles
  • Calculate framing, sheathing and roof coverings needed for a
    given structure
  • Identify different types of cornice detail
  • Identify different types of ventilation needed for a roof system
  • Have an understanding of building science, energy movement within a building, and building ventilation requirements as prescribed by the International Residential Code
  • Produce measurements using a blower door, manometer and infrared imaging camera
  • Install and properly flash windows and doors
  • Install various types of exterior finishes including clapboard, wood shingles, vinyl siding and sheet goods
  • Install interior trim in a structure
  • Lay out, frame and finish a set of interior stairs
  • Lay out and build a timber-frame structure
  • Design place and test concrete
  • Lay out and place concrete in an insulated concrete form (ICF)
  • Lay out and erect a wall using concrete blocks and bricks

Estimated Degree Completion Time

4 full time semesters are required to complete this degree

61 credit hours are required to complete this program

Please note, these estimates are based on a student taking an average of 15 credits per semester and do not include college preparatory or developmental courses.

Certificate Programs

Construction Technology offers a certificate requiring a mix of general education and hands-on courses. For more information, visit our Construction Technology Certificate webpage.

Program Costs

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