Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take tuition/fee-free college-level courses at SMCC’s South Portland Campus, Midcoast Campus, community satellite site, or online. Courses are taught by SMCC professors and can be applied towards a degree or certificate at SMCC upon successful completion.

To qualify for Dual Enrollment you need to:

  • Be a Maine resident.
  • Be a Maine public high school junior or senior or home-schooled in accordance with Maine State Law.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or be recommended by your guidance counselor
  • Meet all the course pre- and co-requisite/s (i.e. ENGL-100 must be taken before ENGL-115) as listed in Course Description.  Course pre-requisites that are developmental-level (ENGL-080, MATH-040) can be bypassed with guidance counselor recommendation.

Test Scores for meeting Course Pre-requisites

ACTMeets the following Prerequisites
Math 530+AAF (Advanced Algebra & Functions) 235+n/aPlace into: MATH-160, MATH-225
Math 550+AAF 250+n/aPlace into: MATH-190
Math 600+AAF 275+n/aPlace into: MATH-260
If you do not have qualifying SAT/PSAT/ACT scores, you can take the Accuplacer college placement test at SMCC for free. To learn more about taking the Accuplacer, visit our Placement Testing webpage.
For public high school students who have not had access to take the PSAT/SAT/ACT test or have not met the scores outlined above, your guidance counselor’s recommendation will be sufficient.

Available Dual Enrollment Courses

To view a list of currently available courses at SMCC, visit our course offerings webpage. To view courses in the upcoming semester, please access the Course Search function in the MySMCC student portal.

How to Select the Right Course

When choosing a class, you’ll first consider the reason you wish to take a college course:

You need to fulfill a high school credit requirement.Find out from your guidance counselor which SMCC courses meet the high school standard.
You plan to pursue a degree at SMCC and want to get started on it.Contact the Dual Enrollment coordinator to see which course/s make the most sense.
You want to explore a subject before committing to a college major.This is an inexpensive way to do it! Take a browse through our Course Catalog.
You’d like to show a future school that you can succeed at college-level coursework.Choose general education type course like English or Math.

Students can select nearly any course they wish for which they meet the prerequisites for (with a few exceptions see Restrictions below). Suggested courses include:

  • English Composition (ENGL-100)
  • Intro to Psychology (PSYC-100)
  • Intro to Sociology (SOCI-100)
  • Drawing I (ARTS-110)
  • Painting I (ARTS-180)
  • Photography I (ARTS-170)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (MATH-112)
  • Statistics (MATH-155)
  • College Algebra (MATH-140)

Restrictions/Exceptions to Dual Enrollment Courses

The following courses are not available to On Course Dual Enrollment students:

  • Developmental/remedial courses (Examples: ENGL-040,-080, MATH-040, and Enhanced English and Math courses (ENGL-101, MATH-140/141, MATH-145/141).
  • Courses that are restricted to students who are accepted into a degree program at SMCC.

Course Success/Future Eligibility

SMCC considers successful completion of a course to be achievement of a grade of C- or higher. If you complete a dual enrollment course and are unsuccessful, please contact us to discuss whether additional dual enrollment courses are advised. Course withdrawal consequences will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Register for Dual Enrollment Courses

You may take up to 12 credits per academic year – which now will include the prior summer semester. As an example:  Ahmed could take a MATH-112 class the summer before his junior year, take both PSYC-100 and ENGL-100 as a junior in the Fall and WELD-100 in the Spring of his junior year and all courses would be covered under this funding. Please note that the total 12 credits per year includes courses taken at any of the Maine Community Colleges or any of the University of Maine colleges.  If a student wishes to enroll in additional credits beyond the 12/year they will be billed at a rate of 50% tuition with all fees waived for up to 6 credits per academic year.

Registration Process:
If you would like to register for a Dual Enrollment course as a new or returning dual enrollment student, please view and follow in directions in the OnCourse for College Steps for Enrollment Guide. Keep in mind that the deadline to complete your dual enrollment application is one week before the semester begins.

Questions? Contact:
Molly Caso
Dual Enrollment Success Coach

Demonstration Videos

We’ve prepared the following videos to assist/inform students, parents, and school counselors. We hope you find them helpful!

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Southern Maine Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and employer. If you have a disabling condition and wish to request accommodations in order to have reasonable access to the programs and services offered by SMCC, you must register with the Disability Services Office: 207-741-5923 or disabilityservices@smccME.edu. Please see summary of ADA in high school vs. college.