Top Stories: Sept 24 Campus Connections

Flag display welcomes students from 79 countries

Seventy-nine flags from nations the world over are now on display in the Campus Center to welcome SMCC’s diverse student body.

The flags represent the native countries of students who attend SMCC this semester. They were adhered high on the walls of the Campus Center lounge on Sept. 11.

The display was driven by SMCC’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee with the goal of celebrating the rich cultural diversity of SMCC students and to demonstrate SMCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The countries range from A to Z — from Afghanistan to Zambia — and are located on six continents.

The idea for the flags was first put forward by Zahra Abukar, a business student who is originally from Somalia and serves as a student representative on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

“The reason I want the flags on our campus was to show how diverse our school is and to make every student welcome to our great community — the community of SMCC, where dreams come true,” she said.

If you don’t see your flag represented on the wall, send an email to

Flags are scheduled to be updated on an annual basis.


HUB gym set to reopen in early October

The HUB gymnasium is set to reopen in early October with a new floor after shutting down in the spring following water damage.

The gym floor was damaged in mid-April following a heavy rain that leaked through the gym roof and onto the floor. Work on the floor got underway after the roof was first repaired.

The gym is used by the men’s and women’s basketball teams and by the general student population for recreational use. It’s also used for SMCC’s Open Houses and for special college events, as well being rented out for various sporting events to bring in revenue for the athletics program.

Photo: Crews with New England Sports Floors work on the gym floor on Sept. 17.


HelpDesk gets a makeover

The IT HelpDesk has a new layout and a fresh look that makes it more welcoming for students and employees.

The renovated space on the ground floor of Ross Technology Center includes a new welcome desk and waiting area with a table and two standing-height stools where students can sit down while waiting for help. The back area of the HelpDesk space has been reconfigured into an open floor plan that is more inviting for employees, work-study students who work for the HelpDesk, and students in need of help.

HelpDesk employees respond to numerous email and phone requests each day from SMCC students and employees who need help with technology-related issues, such as email and the student portal. They also help many students who visit the HelpDesk office in person. At the start of each semester, up to 50 or 60 students a day might walk in seeking technology help, said Ken Reno, the IT Department’s information systems support manager.

“If students are having any problems that we can help with, come on down,” he said.