Campus Connections – May 26

Welcome to the Summer Term

Southern Maine Community College welcomes students who are taking courses during the Summer Term.

With classes offered online to provide a safe learning and working environment, SMCC has instituted a robust support system to help students succeed. Summer classes begin May 26 and continue through August 7.

For the Summer Term, new and current students should take note of the following to make the most of the semester:

  • Online support services. Need assistance with online learning? SMCC has created an Information & Resources webpage that serves as a go-to place for students and employees. This is the page to turn to for help with IT and technical issues, information about online tutoring and library services, contact info for offices and faculty, and more.
  • Online Student Life services. Student Life has a full lineup of online programs and activities to help students be connected, learn new skills and stay in the know. Students are encouraged to download the official SMCC app to keep informed and in touch. Students can also stay connected through Student Life’s Facebook (@SMCCStudentLife) and Instagram (@SMCCStudentLife) social media platforms.

Students are also encouraged to watch SMCC’s virtual graduation ceremony for students who are graduating. The pre-recorded ceremony will be available through the SMCC website at 11 a.m., Sunday, June 14.

  3 new study-abroad classes set for spring 2021

SMCC’s Global Studies Center is offering three courses next spring that include travel to Spain, France and the Netherlands.

Global Classroom courses are 3-credit classes that include international travel. For the 2021 Spring Semester, students have three courses to choose from that allow them to study, travel and gain international experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Healthcare Systems
Travel: March 2021 (spring break)
Instructors: Norma Willis, Katharine Roy-Gosselin
In this course, students will explore the realms of global healthcare and learn about global healthcare challenges and how countries address regional, national, and international concerns related to health care systems, health care reform, health care priorities, emerging disease prevention and health promotion.

Barcelona, Spain

Culinary and Hospitality Management
Travel: May 2021 (tentatively scheduled May 19-29)
Instructors: Maureen LaSalle (Hospitality Management), Tony Poulin (Culinary Arts)
Students will learn how Barcelona ― one of the world’s top travel destinations ― has capitalized on its role as a leader in art, architecture, fashion, sports, and gastronomy to sustainably manage over 32 million visitors a year. This 3-credit Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management course will fulfill the Global Diversity general elective requirement.

Toulouse, France

Art History
Travel: June 2021 (tentatively scheduled June 1-10)
Instructors: Virginia Rose (Art History), Jeff Badger (Studio Art)
Students will walk in the footsteps of 30,000-plus years of history, exploring prehistoric art, ancient Greek and Roman ruins, medieval castles and Romanesque pilgrimage churches. Toulouse, the largest city in southern France, was founded by the Romans, is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe and features two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

For more information about the courses, please contact SMCC’s Global Studies Center at

Student leadership program offered during Summer Term

Student Life is offering its Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) during the Summer Term for students interested in learning leadership skills that will carry them far in college and throughout life.

The program welcomes all students interested in enhancing their leadership abilities through skill development and self-exploration. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is being offered through the Zoom video conferencing platform.

The program consists of five one-hour sessions held from 1-2 p.m. each Thursday between June 11 and July 16. Students who complete all five sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion and an Emerging Leaders Program cord at graduation.