Building Your Community & Connections and Offering You Support to Succeed

Students who are accepted to SMCC and undecided about their major or career path are a part of SMCC’s Path to Graduation (P2G) cohort where they are supported by advisors in SMCC’s Advising Office. These advisors work closely with students to help them build community (by meeting other students, advisors, and faculty), and figure out things like: what careers align with their interests and values; and what courses they should take to achieve their goals.

Here are some samples of the types of opportunities available to a student who is still exploring:

  • One-to-one advising with a member of SMCC’s Advising Office who can help you plan your
    educational pathway.
  • Access to use of Clifton Strengths (provided by SMCC to you for FREE) to better understand your interests and strengths, and how those match up with career pathways.
  • Invitations to on campus events (with food provided, of course!) for students like yourself – a chance to meet other students, staff advisors, faculty, and explore majors.