Enjoy a Simple Transfer Process from SMCC to USM

SMCC and USM have a partnership for success called ConnectEd Pathways. This innovative partnership provides students from selected programs a smooth and simple transfer path to compatible programs at USM upon completion of their associate degree.

Who qualifies for ConnectEd Pathways?

Students who are accepted and graduate from specific programs at SMCC will be assured of streamlined admissions to corresponding programs at USM.
Download more information about ConnectEd Pathways and the list of qualifying degree programs.

How does ConnectEd Pathways work?

All students who are accepted into a program that is qualified for ConnectEd Pathways will be notified by SMCC about the program, including the requirements. If a student wants to apply to ConnectEd Pathways, he or she will need to do so by the end of the first semester at SMCC.
Both SMCC and USM will offer advising and support services to prepare these students for their transfer to USM. As an added bonus, USM will waive any application fees for students transferring from SMCC to USM.

What are the benefits of ConnectEd Pathways?

  • SMCC students are able to transfer seamlessly to select USM programs that prepare them for successful careers in high-demand and emerging industries.
  • Qualifying SMCC students do not need to go through an additional application process at USM.
  • SMCC students will not have to take unnecessary credits, saving them time and money.
  • SMCC students receive guidance from a designated USM employee who will guide them through the process to earning their bachelor’s degree.