Question 5 on the November 6 ballot asks:

“Do you favor a $15,000,000 bond issue to improve educational programs by upgrading facilities at all 7 of Maine’s community colleges in order to provide Maine people with access to high-skill, low-cost technical and career education?”

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What does Question 5 do?

Question 5 expands access to great jobs and a great education.

There are good paying jobs across Maine that can’t be filled because there are not enough skilled
workers to fill them. Maine’s community colleges provide a high-quality, affordable education that
leads to those good jobs. Question 5 will make critical investments in all seven of Maine’s
community colleges, providing access to a low-cost education that delivers the skills Maine people
and Maine businesses need to prosper.

Question 5 is a smart investment in affordable higher education.

  • Graduates of Maine’s community colleges form the bedrock of the Maine economy and our
    communities. They are highly trained nurses, firefighters, precision machinists, IT professionals,
    accountants, chefs, automotive technicians, plumbers, electricians, and more.
  • Question 5 will help ensure that the colleges can continue to offer high quality facilities,
    instructional equipment, and programming to Maine people who seek work that allows them to
    support their families and contribute to their communities.
  • Question 5 will have statewide impact, providing critical support to all seven community colleges:
    Central Maine Community College in Auburn, Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor,
    Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield and Hinckley, Northern Maine Community
    College in Presque Isle, Southern Maine Community College in South Portland and Brunswick,
    Washington County Community College in Calais, and York County Community College in
  • Maine’s community colleges deliver on their promise of high quality, low-cost education and
    training, but investments are needed to provide students with increased access to modern
    facilities and instructional equipment that meets their needs and the needs of Maine employers.

Question 5 invests in:

  • New and expanded occupational programming tied to good jobs in the Maine economy;
  • Renovation and expansion of instructional laboratories and classrooms;
  • New instructional technologies;
  • System-wide improvements in information technology; and
  • Energy upgrades and efficiencies leading to long-term savings.

How will the bond funds be used at SMCC?

The bond funds from Question 5 will provide funds for SMCC facility repairs and improvements,
energy efficiencies, renovations to expand space for student support and remediation, information
technology system upgrades and instructional and library services.

To view a full list of how the bond funds will be used at community colleges across the state, visit the
Maine Community College website.